PLC programming services according to electrical cabinet requirements ​

PLC programming services according to electrical cabinet requirements ​

PLC is a programmable control device so it is widely used in industry. With many years of experience in PLC programming services, Abientan provides PLC programming services for electrical automation projects.

Service of receiving PLC programming according to electrical cabinet requirements

  • Vnatech’s team of engineers with many years of experience in the electronics industry will have full skills to advise in choosing equipment and PLC programming service solutions as required for customers.
  • Follow the committed time to satisfy customers with project progress when using on-demand programming services. For some projects using specific equipment, the time depends on the time of ordering because some specific goods are often not available.
  • Product warranty, technical support, and maintenance for products after acceptance. Depending on the initial agreement, the program code may or may not be transferred.
  • The price of on-demand plc programming services is consistent with the market on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation. The price of the project will depend on the number of in/out modules used.
  • Programming many types of PLCs such as Siemens, Rockwell Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, Panasonic, and Keyence depending on customers’ requirements, if any.
Service of receiving PLC programming
Service of receiving PLC programming

Service process for receiving PLC programming according to electrical cabinet requirements for automation projects

  • Receive PLC programming service requests according to automation requests from customers via phone, zalo, and email including running processes, and peripheral devices, is there any communication or monitoring? Survey your old PLC system.
  • Load and unload quantities as required, and prepare detailed quotes for equipment and labor. The quote will be very detailed including the price of each device as well as the labor involved.
  • If the customer closes the plc programming service upon request with a quote plan, negotiate on acceptance time and payment method.
  • Carry out installation, handover, and acceptance of PLC electrical cabinets, and technical support for operation and maintenance.

Benefits of using a service installation PLC

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming service is one of the important services in the field of industrial automation. Here are some benefits of using PLC programming services:

Benefits of using PLC programming services
Benefits of using PLC programming services

Customization and flexibility:

With PLC programming services, you can customize and adjust the program for the PLC according to the specific requirements of the control system. This gives you the flexibility to change and adjust parameters and functions to suit the needs and requirements of your automation process.

Performance optimization:

PLC programming is performed by experts with in-depth knowledge of control systems and automation processes. They can optimize PLC programming to achieve maximum performance, minimize downtime, increase productivity, and improve system performance.

Ensure stability and reliability:

Accurate and professional PLC programming ensures the stability and reliability of the control system. Programs are tested and verified to ensure they work as expected and avoid unexpected errors and problems.

Minimize risks and incidents:

Using professional PLC programming services helps minimize risks and the risk of incidents during automation. PLC programming experts can identify and fix potential errors and problems before they cause problems and affect system operations.

Technical support and maintenance:

After PLC programming, the service provides technical support and maintenance to ensure that the control system operates stably and is maintained for a long time. This includes troubleshooting and troubleshooting problems, upgrading and enhancing programs when necessary, and ensuring compatibility with other components and systems.

Why do you have to choose a reputable automation project construction unit?

  • Each automation project usually requires a relatively large investment, so choosing reputable and experienced units is very important. This is a prerequisite to help your project meet the needs of your project. on schedule and operating according to the original design.
  • If you choose some units to compete on price, the construction unit may use poor quality equipment or if problems arise later, they will not be supported in the future.
  • A reputable unit when implementing an automated PLC programming project will provide full details of information and origin of equipment used in electrical cabinets, along with the transfer of control programs and instructions. Operational guidance, inspection, maintenance, and repair throughout the project’s operation.
  • Choosing a reputable PLC automation programming unit also helps you get advice on more solutions related to the project to avoid making some basic mistakes when building the initial ideas of the project.

Why should you choose Vnatech’s PLC programming service?

Choose Vnatech's PLC programming service
Choose Vnatech’s PLC programming service

Experienced team of engineers:

  • Vnatech’s team of engineers is well-trained and has many years of experience in the field of PLC programming.
  • We have programmed many complex automation systems in many different fields such as production, processing, packaging, …
  • Our team of engineers always updates the latest technology to ensure the best construction quality.

Optimal solution:

  • Vnatech always researches and offers the most optimal PLC programming solutions for each system.
  • We use the most advanced PLC programming software to ensure the system operates stably and efficiently.
  • Vnatech always listens to customers’ needs to provide the most suitable solution.

Professional service:

  • Vnatech is committed to providing professional and reputable PLC programming services.
  • We have a methodical and scientific construction process.
  • Vnatech always ensures construction progress and project quality.
  • We have a team of professional consultants, always ready to answer all of our customers’ questions.

After-sales support:

  • Vnatech warrants the programming system for 12 months.
  • We have a team of professional technicians, always ready to support customers while using the system.
  • Vnatech provides periodic system maintenance services to ensure stable system operation.

In addition, Vnatech also provides other services such as:

  • Install PLC, HMI, and SCADA control systems.
  • Automatic machine wiring connection.
  • Installation of industrial communication network systems.
  • Install electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems.
  • Maintenance of automation systems.
  • Repair automation system.



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